Local Information

The workshop will be held in Jena, Germany at the Friedrich-Schiller University of Jena. Jena lies on the river Saale southwest of Leipzig. It is located near Leipzig, Weimar and Erfurt in the free-state of Thüringen. In Jena, the most prominent landmark is the Intershop tower in the middle of the city. The Intershop tower can be seen from most places in Jena and acts as a useful landmark to guide your way back to the city center. Most locations in Jena are within walking distance of each other and Intershop tower. You may also find your way around town using this map. Local transportation in Jena is provided by JeNah (in German) which runs buses and trams throughout Jena for approximately 1.70€.

The workshop will be held in the University of Jena's historic Rosensäle ( Fürstengraben 27 ). Built in 1787, Rosensäle is now easily found next to Intershop tower and the Powder Tower (one of the remaining few sections of the old city walls still standing). The map below shows the locations of Rosensäle and the two train stations in Jena.

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Local accommodations may be booked at any of the following hotels:

Hotel Ibis
Address: Teichgraben 1, 07743 Jena
Phone: (+49)3641/8130
Fax: (+49)3641/813333
Gasthof zur Schweiz
Address: Quergasse 15, 07743 Jena
Phone: (+49)3641/52050
Fax: (+49)3641/5205111
Email: info AT zur-schweiz.de
Steinberger Esplanade
Address: Carl-Zeiss-Platz 4, 07743 Jena
Phone: (+49)3641/800-0
Fax: (+49)3641/800-150
Email: jena AT steigenberger.de
Hotel Schwarzer Bär Jena
Address: Lutherplatz 2, 07743 Jena
Phone: (+49)3641/4060
Fax: (+49)3641/406113
Email: hotel AT schwarzer-baer-jena.de

Travel Information

Jena is easily reached by car and train. International airports are located in Frankfurt (FRA), Berlin (BER), and Munich (MUC) which are about 3:30, 3:00 and 4:30 hours away by train, respectively. More information about getting to Jena can be found at the Jena homepage.

Rail travel between the airports and Jena is serviced by Deutsche Bahn.