Stellenausschreibung - job opening
Postdoctoral Position
The scientific computing group at the University Jena expects a postdoctoral opening beginning in 2012. The position will be within the Collaborative Research Center SFB/Transregio 7 Gravitational Wave Astronomy, see The successful candidate will work on numerical and computational methods for solving Einstein’s field equations of general relativity in a broader sense, which may include topics like numerical discretization schemes (e.g. discontinuous Galerkin method) or parallel computing (domain decomposition methods, GPU computing).

Workshop Programming of Heterogeneous Systems in Physics Jena, 5-7 October 2011
This workshop focuses on the programming of heterogeneous system, especially GPUs. On the first day is dedicated to an introduction to the programming of GPUs. A tutorial including a hands-on session will give the opportunity for less experienced participants to learn about GPU computing. The next two days of the workshop will discuss how physics applications, especially in relativity and quantum field theory, may benefit from the use of GPUs.

Workshop on Unstructured Meshes in Dynamical Spacetimes Jena, 25-27 August 2010
This workshop on the use of unstructured meshes in numerical relativity has been devised as a means to bring together experts in numerical relativity, finite element methods, finite volume methods, discrete differential forms, and Regge calculus to encourage discussion between the communities and identify areas in which new progress can be made.