GPU Computing: Efficient Implementation of Finite Difference Stencils
Several ways of tuning a model problem finite difference stencil computation are discussed. The combination of vectorisation and an interleaved data layout, cache aware algorithms, loop unrolling, parallelisation and parameter tuning lead to optimised implementations at a level of 90% peak performance of the floating point pipelines on recent Intel Sandy Bridge and AMD Bulldozer CPU cores, both with AVX vector instructions as well as on Nvidia Fermi GPU architectures.
performance of a 1D Finite Difference stencil, multi-core CPU and GPU in giga flop/s drawn against grid size, Nvidia Kepler GK104, Nvidia Fermi GF100 and GF108, AMD Magny-Cours, Intel Sandy Bridge, AMD Bulldozer, Intel Harpertown
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GPU Computing: Numerical Relativity Raytracer
A small project of a real-time parallel raytracer in Nvidia Cuda. Based on an analytic space-time metric of rotating black holes (Kerr metric), each light ray is given as the solution of an ordinary differential equation.

curved space-time, rotating binary system
binary system of neutron stars in a box
Cuda source code at Github
Android App GRRay (CPU version) at Google Play

GPU Computing: Shallow Water Equation
A student project of a numerical shallow water simulator with visualisation. Lax-Wendroff scheme on a staggered grid. Real-time simulation and visualisation with Nvidia Cuda and OpenGL.

islands: shallow water wave
water waves around some islands
breaking dam: water wave
breaking dam
wave simulator presentation at PHSP11 by Martin Pfeiffer
wave simulator code repository